All the replays are HERE

Are you looking for a wining replay ? TPW aggregates and collects all the winning replays for you. You can easily find the replay by searching the prizes that you are looking for. All the replays of that prizes are in your hand. Watch it, study it and win it!


Easy as 1-2-3.

Pingpong Machines

Are you the one who love daily free ticket and really like to use your luck to win a prize? "Pingpong machine"  is a place you spend your free ticket daily, right ? However, it is so hard to find one. But don't worry, we take care of that ! We find all the Pingpong machine and update the list daily. So, choose a machine and use your ticket. Keep fingers crossed!

Prize Filtering

We have a list of all the machines. Here, you can easily find the machine that you want to play. You can search them by its name! Moreover, you can filter the machines by amount of TPs and amount left in stock!. We take care of messy stuff, you just enjoy and play.


Life is so easy!

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