What is Toreba ?

Toreba is a games where you can control “real” crane game (ufo catcher) via the internet. You have an access and play through the mobile app or web browser. If you win any prizes, it will be shipped to your place.

How to Play ?

  1. Getting start,
    • For PC users,  go to http://toreba.net.
    • For mobile users, download the application which available on both iOS and Android.
    • You can play on both PC and mobile app with the same account.
  2. On the first page, you will see a list of available machines. For each machine, you can see the prize name, amount of TPs per play and prize image.
  3. You can select the categories by clicking on the top (app) or on the left (web browser).
  4. Once you decide which machine to play, just click on it. It will lead you to another page.
  5. Start playing by clicking “Play this machine”.
  6. For gameplay, you have 2 chances. First is to make the claw move “left” or “right” depends on the setting, and the second time is to make the claw move forward.
  7. Remember, you need to hold the button to make the claw moves. Otherwise, the claw will stop ! **
  8. Enjoy and have fun!